What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Know Top Causes That May Be Affecting You

What causes hair loss in women? This is a question that many women end up asking themselves as they start losing their hair. Although thinning is often greatly associated with men, many women end up dealing with this issue as well, and it can be extremely difficult for women to deal with losing their hair. The great thing is that if you are able to understand some of the top causes of this problem, then you can start looking for ways that you can treat it effectively.First, it is important that you understand that what causes hair loss in women can be quite different from the causes of this problem in men. Men and women have bodies that work in different ways. Although genetics can be a huge cause of hair loss in men, in women hormones actually play a big part. When there are changes in hormone levels, often it leads to loss of hair among women. Some things that can cause changes in the levels of hormones include birth control pills, taking hormone replacement therapy, menopause, thyroid issues, and pregnancy.Certain hormones in a woman’s body, such as testosterone and estrogen, can cause women to lose hair if they are reduced or they suddenly are being produced too fast. One example is when a woman gives birth. The hormones can go into a stage of resting and in the first few months after having a baby, this can cause some thinning to occur, although it is usually short term.Of course, while hormones are one of the most popular answers to what causes hair loss in women, there are other things that can cause thinning to occur as well. This problem can be cause by things like illness, heredity, stress, bad hair care, a bad diet, and more.Women often end up spending a lot of time on their hair, brushing, styling, and more. Many women color, perm, and bleach their hair as well, which can lead to hair follicle damage that causes the loss of hair.Illness and stress can also cause hair to thin and fall out. Poor diet and nutritional deficiencies often lead to losing hair. Women who are trying to lose weight fast or are on a diet that is too strict can suffer from hair loss when they are not getting the essential vitamins and minerals that their body needs to have.There are a variety of different answers to the question, what causes hair loss in women. Many of these causes are temporary, so it can be difficult to figure out what do for the problem. Although you may be dealing with a temporary cause, there are still treatments available. With a treatment that helps to solve the issues you are dealing with and ingredients that are proven to give results, you can stop losing hair and get your hair looking incredible again.

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