Pick Up Older Women – 3 Steps to Get the Cougar You Desire

Do you know what a cougar is? It used to be a derogatory term for older women who prey on younger men. It may still be something that’s said in derision, but nowadays, it’s more of a tagline for any woman who wants to date younger men. Cougar dating sites are more common now, with the many hot divorcees on the prowl for younger playmates. Or… they could be looking for the kind of love that only a younger man can give.Yeah, I know this situation reminds you of the movie, The Graduate, in which an older woman seduced a young man (who in turn fell in love with the woman’s daughter). The love story tells of an older woman’s wiles and how a young man fell for it. It also shows how an older woman can be so darned seductive.Hooking up with an older woman is something that most guys fantasize about. If you’re anything like me, you might have tried something to make this dream come true. But it’s not that easy to get an older woman to fall in love with you. Remember, an older girl might have a lot of excess baggage on her. She might have been burned by her past relationships. This means her guard is way higher than most girls, so beware.If you’re after an older woman, here are some suggestions on how to make her fall in love…1. Deal With the Power PlayThere’s a pattern involved in a woman’s notion of power play. An older woman might seem more worldly than you but that doesn’t mean she has to have control of how your relationship goes. Why do they act this way? I guess you can partly blame the “maternal instinct” that’s innate in women, but for the most part, older women are scared that they will be taken for a ride.Showing her that you’re in charge will bring out her more kittenish side. Make no mistake of it, most girls are looking for a man who can be their rock, their source of strength and their inspiration. Besides, it’s TIRING for them to be the one to call the shots, although most women won’t tell you this upfront.2. Disregard the Age IssueThe age issue bothers her more than it bothers you. We can all keep saying “age doesn’t matter” until we’re all blue in the face, but that doesn’t change the fact that an older woman will keep thinking about it. How can she not? She may be thinking that she’s past her prime, while you’re still a young, hot-blooded stud who can’t resist sleeping with other women. She might also be worried about her appearance and the fact that no amount of money in the world can really keep her age hidden for long.Here’s what you can do… disregard the age issue. Tell her that as far as sexual prime is concerned, you’re on the same level. Better yet, make her feel that your passion for her will never wane.3. Drop the “Inexperienced Guy” ActWhile it’s true that some older women prefer inexperience over “too much experience” in the younger guys they date, acting like a noobish virgin whenever you make love gets old fast. Don’t act awkward in bed, and always touch her confidently (like you have a blueprint of how her body works). Acting like a teacher to a virginal guy is a great sexual fantasy she will enjoy, but only if it’s just an ACT. Being younger doesn’t mean you have to be lousy in bed.

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